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  1. I know your quality is better than a home center, but how are your prices?

    Closet Logic
    Local Home Center
    3 hanging rods
    3 hanging rods
    12 total shelves (3 additional shelves above each hang rod)
    9 total shelves (This system lacks shelves above the hang rods)
    4 drawers
    4 drawers
    White: $441.50*
    White: $560
    Maple: $520.30*
    Maple: not offered

    *Prices as of 01/15/2010. Prices may vary in the future.

  2. Is Closet Logic a franchise?
    Closet Logic is not a franchise. We are a local, family-owned and operated business. We are able to provide a high quality product for a lower price because our costs do not include heavy franchise fees.
  3. I’ve shopped other custom closet companies. What makes yours unique?

    1. Experience. We have been manufacturing and designing closet organizers since 1987. We are committed to continuous improvement and have evolved with the rapid changes and progression of the industry.
    2. Design. We take design very seriously and cater to every detail. We work closely with each of our customers to ensure they are getting the right system for their needs. Very rarely are two closets the same. A compliment we often hear from repeat customers is that our design and layout ideas were a key component that separated us from other companies.
    3. Factory-direct. This benefits you in several ways. First, logistical costs are minimized because each component is manufactured in-house. Our shop area is only a few steps from the showroom. These savings are passed directly onto our customers. Second, the turn-around time is greatly reduced. From order to installation, you can expect no longer than a 2 week lead time. Third, in the unlikely event a certain part needs to be re-cut, we can do so on the spot.
    4. Do-it-yourself installation. If you are comfortable handling a few tools and want to save up to 30%, this is the option for you!
    5. Service after the sale. If something doesn’t seem quite right, call us right away.
  4. What colors or finishes do you offer?
    Popular colors and finishes change constantly and so will the choices we make available to you. While we currently stock white, natural maple and summerflame cherry, your choice is not limited to those finishes. Choosing stocked colors allows you the shortest lead time and the least expense. Through our suppliers, however, we have available color choices to meet the most discriminating demands.
  5. How much do your systems typically cost?
    A very basic system for a small reach-in closet could sell for under $200. A large master walk-in closet with all the bells and whistles could sell for $4000 or more depending on a number of circumstances.
  6. Does your closet system stand on the floor or hang on the wall?
    Our system suspends from the wall from a steel rail that is secured to your home’s framing. Our system can hold up to 1200 lbs. per 8’ section. You can feel confident in the safety of our product as it has been tested for over 20 years with zero safety defects.
  7. Are there advantages to a wall-mounted system vs. a floor-based?
    There are several advantages to a wall mounted system. It will not interfere with air exchanges, heat vents, base trim, or uneven floor issues. You can vacuum with ease under the system with a regular upright or conveniently store larger items directly underneath.*

    *In instances where you have an existing pocket door or other obstructions, come and see us for details. Each system is handled differently depending on a number of factors.
  8. How deep are your organizers?
    We offer both 12” and 16” deep shelving. To truly customize closets of all shapes and sizes, these two depths allow greater flexibility as opposed to offering the industry standard 14” depth. The differing depths add a touch of character not typically expected in closet systems.
  9. I’m pretty handy (or know someone that is!); can I install the system myself?
    Absolutely. We make do-it-yourself installation a snap. With all hardware pre-applied, and drawers pre-assembled, installation is as simple as cutting the 8’ wall rail to length using a hacksaw or other metal cutting saw. Using the easy-to-follow drawing with the labeled parts, you can’t go wrong. We also include a step-by-step installation guide to get you through the tough parts. Save up to 30% by installing yourself! **We frequently receive feedback from customers astonished with the simple do-it-yourself installation process**
  10. Why not purchase shelving at a home center if I’m going to install it myself?

    1. Design expertise. Seek the help of our professional designers. We pay close attention to detail and will utilize every inch of space.
    2. Quality. All of our components are manufactured at our facility in Sauk Rapids. Avoid damaged parts from shipping by buying direct.
    3. Pre-applied hardware / Pre-assembled drawers. There is no need to mess with a bucket of bolts. We pre-apply all hardware and pre-assemble drawers to make installation a faster, more enjoyable experience.
    4. Lifetime Warranty. Family-owned and operated since 1987, our integrity is the core of our existence. Please see item #17; Is your product guaranteed?
    5. Space maximization. In all likelihood, your closet will need at least one custom cut to make the most of the available space. Home centers (including Ikea, Home Depot, or Menards) typically sell packages cut only at standard lengths.
  11. What tools are required for do-it-yourself installation?
    • Drill
    • 5/32” drill bit (for pre-drilling) Recommended; but not necessary
    • Tape measure
    • Phillips #2, slotted, or pozi #2 (European) screwdriver
    • Metal cutting saw, hacksaw, or other
    • Level (any size is okay)
    • Stud finder (helpful, but not necessary)
  12. Do you sell direct to homeowners?
    Most certainly! When the actual user of the system is able to stop in, we will identify your exact needs.
  13. Do you offer builder incentives?
    Closet Logic maintains a strong relationship with a number of reputable area builders. If you are a builder or remodeler considering Closet Logic, stop in to discuss various incentives designed to earn and keep your business.
  14. What kinds of upgrades or accessories are available?
    There is a wide assortment of accessories and upgrades available. Please see our showroom for a complete listing.
  15. Do you offer garage organizers?
    Yes! We offer a very attractive line of durable garage cabinets. We also feature saferacks. (link to See our showroom for details.
  16. Distance-wise, how far away will you offer service?
    We will drive up to 100 miles for professional installation. If you are comfortable installing the system yourself, there is no limitation to the geographical location of your home from us.
  17. What are your office/showroom hours?
    Normal office hours are Monday – Friday from 8:30-5. Appointments are welcome but not required if you stop in during these hours. We also will honor after hours or weekend appointments if your schedule necessitates.
  18. Do you accept credit cards? What are your financing options?
    We do not accept debit/credit cards at this time.

    Payment terms are 50% down at time of order; the remaining 50% due within 30 days of installation or pick-up.
  19. Is your product guaranteed?

    Closet Logic Product Guarantee
    Closet Logic proudly guarantees our product against manufacturing defects and workmanship for as long as you own your home. We will repair or replace any product defects free of charge.

    Limitations of our Guarantee
    We are not responsible for damages incurred by foul play such as climbing, dropping, or any other abuse. All of our products are guaranteed assuming the product has been installed by one of our professional installers or for do-it-yourselfer’s, according to our installation instructions. We cannot be responsible for damage caused by improper installation (such as failure to fasten wall rail to a stud).
  20. It sounds great! How do I get started?

    1. Visit our showroom or fax/ email a rough drawing of your closet(s) and approximate measurements. By seeing all the options available, we can better understand your needs so we can design accordingly.
      • In home consultations also available. (Some restrictions apply.)
    2. Receive your plans via fax, mail, or email within 48 hours. You can review them at your convenience. Make any changes you wish, or request other options.
    3. Take final measurements.
    4. Your order will be complete within 2 weeks.

Recommended Use and Liability

Closet Logic guarantees our products to be 100% safe if used and installed properly. The steel wall rail MUST be secured to your homes framing per our installation instructions. For self installations, Closet Logic is not responsible for negligence or inability to read and follow instructions properly. Our system is intended for storage use only. Closet Logic is not responsible for injuries incurred by climbing or any other abuse. We do not recommend exceeding 1200 lbs. of weight per 8’ section.