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Pioneer Panel Systems, Inc. (Closet Logicís parent company), was founded in the basement of Jim and Barb Krueger in 1986. While Pioneer Panel Systems, Inc. focused mainly on the manufacturing and wholesale of specialty building products, Jimís passion lies in invention. In 1987, he began designing and manufacturing custom organizing systems and created a division of Pioneer Panel Systems, Inc., called SysteMax. Due to the success of the building products, however, Jim did not fully pursue the closet systems.

Over the years, the demand for the systems increased as a small but steady stream of delighted customers returned for repeat business and referred their friends and family. After SysteMax survived solely through customersí word of mouth advertising for 15 years, Jimís daughter, Jessica, noted the dramatically growing demand. Possessing an ambitious, entrepreneurial spirit much like that of her parents, Jessica initiated a new division of Pioneer Panel Systems; soon to be Closet Logic.

Closet Logic officially launched in 2003 at the existing production facility located at 702 9th Ave South, Sauk Rapids. The closet showroom was renovated and the shop facility was arranged to better facilitate closet production. Her sister, Jenny, helped her to create an informational brochure, while husband, Jeff, designed the web site and coordinated necessary software requirements.

Demand remained very strong for the up and coming company; so much that plans were made to expand again! The new facility at 189 Industrial Blvd, Sauk Rapids, was built in February 2006. This location more than tripled the size of the production/receiving area and provided a state-of-the-art showroom for the closet organizers. We occupied this building until 2014, when Jim & Barb announced their retirement and the building was sold. Closet Logic endured a transitional period. While we no longer occupy a showroom, we are still in business & continue to provide custom storage solutions to Central MN.

Through these closely-knit, collaborative efforts, we are proud to have Closet Logic operating as a customer-oriented and personable business.